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PAYE  Pay As You Earn

Don’t pay too much

What is PAYE ?

The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system is a method of paying your tax and national insurance contributions. Your employer makes the deductions and these are shown on your payslip. At the end of each tax year your P60 sets out the total amounts paid and deducted over the previous tax year.

What is a tax code ?

In the simplest of terms, your tax code is made up of letters, which relate to the type of allowance(s) you are getting, and numbers that show the amount of income you have as allowances. This is based on information that HMRC have on you as individual, and this information can sometimes be incomplete, or out of date. However with a number of variables, it can be confusing to know what your entitlements are.

Why would I pay too much through PAYE?

The system works efficiently when the correct information is in place. However there is a range of common problems we can experience see with the PAYE system

  • Starting a new job
  • Benefit in kind
  • Multiple jobs, or occupational pension
  • Other taxable income
  • Wage rises
  • Change in circumstances
  • Sick pay, maternity /paternity/adoption leave,
  • Unemployment, short term working or strike
  • Mistakes by HMRC
  • Leaving a job
  • Student

Why choose us to help with your PAYE issues?

At Norwich Accountancy Services we believe you should not pay more tax than you are required to pay. We can take a personal look at your circumstances and ensure you tax codes are correct. With our personal approach, we will endeavour to talk you through your issues and give you the knowledge and confidence that you are paying exactly what is required and not a penny more. We can help resolve any queries and mistakes.

With our many years of expertise and our wide-ranging client base, we have the right accountancy service for you. Importantly our PAYE service is the best value in Norwich and we will save you money. But don’t just compare our prices, take a look at our testimonials, we will treat your business as part of our business with a genuinely personal service from the outset.

To get help with your tax return contact us now.       CALL   01603630882

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