Nobody Likes Jargon

Jonathan-Hook-Norwich-Accountancy-ServicesI think it’s fair to say nobody likes jargon, especially when you’re being sold services.

If you think Estate Agents have got it bad then spare a thought for your accountant – not only are we trying to sell our services but there are a litany of phrases that mean nothing to the public and that are understood only by HMRC and those involved in accountancy and specifically tax:

Deferred tax, CGT, UTR’s, CIS, WDA’s AIA’s – the list is seemingly endless.

A good tax adviser or accountant is not just a good technician with a solid understanding of the system, but one who can explain these terms and processes, understand your circumstances and effectively communicate and educate clients.

They must also be able to demonstrate value for money and areas for potential saving, as well as de-mystify the tax system are also essential skills.

This is why our ethos is like our signs; to deliver advice in laymans terms so that it’s understood by all.