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Corporation Tax Rates

Rates for Financial Years Starting on 1 April.

Rate 2016 2018 2019
Small profits rate (companies with profits under £300,000) 20% 19% 19%
Main rate (companies with profits over £300,000) 19%
Main rate (all profits except ring fence profits) 20% 20% 20%
Marginal Relief lower limit
Marginal Relief upper limit
Standard fraction
Special rate for unit trusts and open-ended investment companies 20% 20% 20%

​​For more information, visit the HMRC website:

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Ring fence companies

​*There are different Corporation Tax rates for companies that make profits from oil extraction or oil rights in the UK or UK continental shelf. These are known as ‘ring fence’ companies. The small profits rate of tax on those profits is 19% and the ring fence fraction is 11/400. The main rate is 30%.

​Corporation Tax on chargeable gains

If you sell or dispose of a business asset, you’ll need to pay Corporation Tax on any profits (or ‘chargeable gains’).

​Corporation Tax on chargeable gains: Indexation Allowance

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